Friday, October 21, 2005


Friday is a colorfull day in our company. All the people trying to come in a realxed manner and dress all the possible manner in the world to impress. (both guys and girls).

Today one guy is wearing 80 Rod Smith (wide reciever, Denver Broncos). Even though I am not familiar with that guy I asked few questions:

Udhay: Are you a Smith fan?
Mr.x: Yes, 80 Robin Smith.
Udhay: (puzzled by the answer) Are you a Broncos fan?
Mr.x: Who is Broncos?
Udhay: (hah, I got the answer to the puzzle) Broncos is one of the NFL team in America and they are from Denver
Mr.x: Oh really! I didn't know that.
Udhay: I asked that question because you said that you are Smith's fan.
Mr.x: NO! I bought this T-Shirt because of the color and the brand (Reebok). I don't have any idea about NFL! Now I can tell this to the people who asks this question. Thanks for the update.

Mr.x is really cool, isn't it?

In my floor, one guy is wearing 98 in the back of the T-Shirt. I noticed this in the morning itself. But after the above interaction I went to that guy to find out the reason (whether the brand and the color or the phenotic)

Udhay: Hey, What is 98? Is there any significance?
Mr.Y: Shame Udhay! This is Ganguly's number.
Udhay: Sorry, I didn't know that. Well, Are you Gang fan?
Mr.Y: Hell NO!!!
Udhay: Then you are wearing this T-Shirt because of the color and the brand.
Mr.Y: You are exactly correct!

Here comes the next. I have seen a girl wearing the T-shirt with the following sentence "Are you looking for my Brain? It is not there". I thought of asking "Babe, I know that Brain is there only in the head and not meant to be there in the place where the sentence written". I didn't ask this question to her as it will lead to Anti Sexual Harassment and the further complication. Appuram eppadi blog update pannarathu ;-)

Now, Read the first sentence again.

Kai Raasi

I don't know you people believing this or not I have to believe this. If some people start anything it will always go good. My Grand ma is the first kai raasi pa(a)(r)ty I met. If I am down with feaver in my school days she is the one who is giving me the "vibhuthi" in packet and ask me to keep under the pillow. I don't know about the kind of medicine the doctors given to me but still I believe the "vibhuthi" in packet saved me.

I know a doctor called Ashokkumar, running a clinic (Jaya Clinic) in Jaya Nagar 9th block. He was referred by our house owner in june 2002 when I was fell in feaver. That time, the aunty told he is "Kai Raasi" doctor and no need to worry. Then I immediately reached the clinic which is very close to our house and I got the token number 40. Believe me, that clinic is not a hi-fi clinic. Just one room extra other than the doctor's room. No reception, no computer nothing. Numbers are written on the cardboard sheets which is known as token.

As it was taking long time, I came back home. I got my turn only at 9:30 PM. I spoke with doctor in tamil. He asked some basic questions and he examined me for 2 minutes. He told it is a very ordinary feaver. An injection and few medicines will bring it down. He asked 20/- as the fees.

As he mentioned, the next day I was alright. But I didn't believe the "Kai Raasi" matter. After a few weeks one of my friend also fell in sick and we went to the same doctor. Believe me, he told the same sentences he told me before and the same injection, same tablets. Again, my friend totally cured by next day.

After some time we went for throat infection, cough etc but the doctor and the tablets never changed. Even the fees. The same 20/- .

I again went to that clinic for feaver on Thursday(10/20). I was not able to speak, not able to walk, loosing patience and I was so dull. I am the only person changed after 2 years. Again, the same medicine, tablet but the fees is now 50/-. The next day we were discussing about some issue and suddenly my friends realized my voice came to normal and I am very normal again.

Now, I have to believe the "Kai Raasi" matter.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Few Questions

I went to Palani temple in the first week of August and few questions came in to my mind and shared the same with writer Sujatha. But I didn't get any reply from him.

Following are the questions:

1. People were saying something and they told it is the “Ithegam”. What is the meaning of “Ithegam”? We are following some rituals without questioning the origin of it. Is it the meaning?
2. “Bogar Samadhi” is there inside the temple and there is a story that after Bogar went in to that cave he didn’t come back. Is anybody tried to get inside the cave and seen what is inside? Or we, the Hindus not ready for the debates which will come after the excavation if there is any cave?
3. There are lots of poets in Tamil started creating the poems after some extraordinary incidence (like Manika vasagar, Gana Sampanthar). Even though we are having the poems why don’t we have a solid proof to show case the immense presence of our gods to the world?

I am eagerly waiting for your comments.