Saturday, January 07, 2006

Puthu Varuda Galattas

Puthu Varuda galatta started in the last week of December itself. My friend Pandu invited me for dinner along with Krishna. I was seeing him after one year and we had enough to speak till 11 PM. When we left the Pandu's home in Ten Sports WWE was playing and I want to see the Batista & Co match. Hence I raced the bike towards my Home and promptly a Cop (mama is the most correct term!) caught a group of us and I was in the last.

He was checking whether people are driving under the influence of the alchocol. Kadavule, unakku nandri solliye theranum, Naan thanni mattum thaan kudichirunthen. When my turn comes before he didn't even ask anything I blow the air in his face. He smiled at me and told that It seems you have frequent experience in this and enjoy carefully. I thought of making his life easier but he made fun on me.

In our team, people started a game called new year buddy. I hope many of you aware of this but still I am giving a brief about this.The main motto is to familiarize with other person in the team.
Each one will pick their buddy from the lot and we have to add little spice in his/her life by sending him/her little gifts, notes, flowers or doing nice things without getting caught!!!!! On the new year's eve everybody will no other's buddy buy giving gift and more.

Immediately, I made the request to the organizers. I don't know whether I am going to be buddy for a girl but definitely I can pick one name that will make my life cheerful in the next year. They didn't accepted this prposal. I got a guy as my new year buddy and lost interest in that game. The very next day, there was one paper with good morning message. "You are romantic, not giving up, tacktless and adament guy". Immediatley one pulb lighted in my head and I know that it is definitely a girl but who is it? Everybody know that I fought for my girl buddy. Now I am bit confused.

The next day one more event (beg, borrw and steel in the work area) and each team should have 2 girls. (Kadavule, nee innum nadakkara ellam parthuttu thaan irukkenu enakku therium. Sokka, Nee enna kaividala- This is my inner voice). I started the recruit camp freshly and quickly I was able to manage to get two girls (Naan onnum solla inga... neengale guess panniukkunga) and won the event also. In the event we need to get a girl with red dress. Oh my god! I literally begging behind the girls and pulling the thuppatas... If it is a other day, immediately I might thrown out of the company.

Unfortunatley, I was buddy to a woman( not a girl) and she gave me a nice gift. Simply celebrated the new year by drinking Tropicana Ornage juice (nampunga makkale) and watching Sun Music. Due to IISc attack I don't want to take risk.

Overall, the last week of 2005 is total sothappal varam!!!