Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Is it Deepavali or Deebavali or Diwali? Anyway, It was a good time with relatives and crackers. We don't have any time restriction in my place to fire the crackers. My cousins came to my house and they promptly started the fireworks at 00:00 AM. The whole village woke up because of us.

Usually, all the cracker shops and sweet stalls witness the mad rush. But this year for a change theTASMAC did a tremendous business on Deebavalil day. I heard that the sales are increased five fold on that day. Even it was quoated in Dinamalar.

One more thing I have noticed was the amount of crackers we bought was less compared to our previuos years. Infact we bought the crackers for the same amount as we bought 3 years back. But still there were few crackers left unfinished. I think that is due to the TV and we went to almost all our neighbours house to chat as we are gathering after 2 years.

4 பேரு குத்தாட்டம் போட்டிருக்காங்க!:


Deepavali Kondattam ellam mudichu aapees vandachaa??

Now a days, festivals, marraiges and other ceremonies are important as get togethers of family members, more than the rituals and processes associated with it.

Heard lot of water in your places this year? after a looong time?


I have another questions on this. I heard two stories about Diwali / Deebavali celebration.

1) The day Rama and Sita reached Ayodhya after killing Ravana is celebrated with lights and fire works.

2) This story I heard from my grandma - Diwali is celebrated on the day Krishna killed the demond king 'Naragasuran'.

Somebody clarify this...


Swami, enga parthalum ore vellam thaan... Enga area paravallama irukku...

Quester, Enga patti enna sonnathu naragasuran kathai thaan.. Rama, sita ellam north makkal solarathu


quester, by looking at your profile it seems you are very familiar to me. are you Mr. Bala Bose?