Thursday, October 06, 2005

Few Questions

I went to Palani temple in the first week of August and few questions came in to my mind and shared the same with writer Sujatha. But I didn't get any reply from him.

Following are the questions:

1. People were saying something and they told it is the “Ithegam”. What is the meaning of “Ithegam”? We are following some rituals without questioning the origin of it. Is it the meaning?
2. “Bogar Samadhi” is there inside the temple and there is a story that after Bogar went in to that cave he didn’t come back. Is anybody tried to get inside the cave and seen what is inside? Or we, the Hindus not ready for the debates which will come after the excavation if there is any cave?
3. There are lots of poets in Tamil started creating the poems after some extraordinary incidence (like Manika vasagar, Gana Sampanthar). Even though we are having the poems why don’t we have a solid proof to show case the immense presence of our gods to the world?

I am eagerly waiting for your comments.

2 பேரு குத்தாட்டம் போட்டிருக்காங்க!:


hmmm Good!

Well let me say something regarding this. When man was primitive, his consious was ruled and manipulated by the eternal force.

You may ask what is that? " It is the god(s)! I call them as "extra terrastials, Aliens, living being from other galaxy or what so ever"

Now.. they were so evolved thay created us the humanoids, with primitive thinking, let us to rule the world and evolve ourselves.

They were hitech genetic engineers and created, good and bad combinations of humanoids... Out of which they need to interven whenever the crisis occured in the earth.

Those crisis could be termed as, "adharmam", "pagai", "aneedhi", etc. In those situations, they learned thier flaw in the genetic engineering and inherit humanoid and came as several avathar's and enacted life cycle drama to register the philosphy in the huma life.

Those life cycle drama of avathar's were noted down as ethics and feed as the patch to the flaw in the human engineering.

Those ethics was carried over the generations.

Also we could classify the "munivargal", "sitharagal", theiva pulavargal" were the short term patchs to revitalize the human race the "ALMIGHTY had created".

Now all those idols and pictures of the god and godess we workship were "THE ONE" who created and managed the entity called earth, life and so on...

Now they began to pull out slowly, as we evolved. As we tried to understand and reason. Thier presence got reduced. Now you may not hear much of miracles happening around!

Now the human, started cloning, build humanoids, Artificial intelegence, planning for interspace travels so .. on..

Now were are tending towards to become GOD!


It is really a good thought given to the subject. I will be more than happy if you reveal your identity.